Attraction of Japanese bicycle workshops.

Handmade Bicycles

This site provides an overview of the hottest trends in handmade bicycles.

The site is packed with information on everything from the latest trends to trivia, from the latest bicycle workshops and events to be held. From the latest trends to trivia, this site is packed full of information to answer your "I want to know!

What is the "handmade bicycles?

Are you really satisfied with the bike you are riding? If you are satisfied, you may never have arrived at this website. If you are regularly questioning the colour of your frame, the parts you equip it with, as well as how it rides and whether it suits your usage, then a custom-made bicycle is for you.
Starting with the steel made-to-order frames that once dominated the world of professional road racing, frame builders assemble and weld frame tubes not only in steel tube but also in carbon, titanium and other materials to the nearest mille metre or 0.5 degree, to create a bicycle that truly fits the rider's needs. This is the work of the frame builder.