What is a handmade bicycle?

What is the handmade bicycles?

A handmade bicycle is, as it reads, a 'handmade bicycle'. They are the opposite of ready-made bicycles made by mass-produced manufacturers.

They are handmade one by one by bicycle frame builders, who take into account the user's physique, riding style and intended use, and design them individually. This allows a bicycle to be made to fit the user. This is the biggest advantage and attraction.

In addition, the appearance of the frame, including the paintwork, can be customised to the user's preferred specifications. Of course, the parts assembly is also flexible. In other words, you can have a unique and irreplaceable bike that best suits you.

History of handmade bicycles



1. "I need to work out what I want my bike to be"
The process of working out what you want your bicycle to be may be painful, or it may be enjoyable. If the process is not clear, you will not be satisfied with the finished bicycle, even if you have spent a lot of time on a custom-made bike. Even if you don't have a clear idea of what you want, the frame builder will be able to organise your thoughts and guide you in the right direction during your conversation.

2. "It takes time to deliver."
First of all, communicate with the builder. This may not be done in one session. Take your time and be prepared. The production process, many builders do not build frames one by one, but often combine several orders and work on the same process at the same time. You might think, "Why not just have my frame made straight away?" but unfortunately that can be difficult.
If you can drop by the workshop, you might want to look in from time to time and ask, "How do you like my frame?" If you can drop by the workshop, it might be a good idea to take a look and ask them "How do you like my frame? It may be a process where you can tell them what you would like to change in case of any changes. The time until the frame is finished may be a time when you can rethink the specifications and so on.
After the frame has taken shape, it is time for the painting process. As many workshops outsource the painting to a painting factory, the time it takes to get the frame into your hands will depend on the factory's work schedule.
Delivery times vary from workshop to workshop. The shortest delivery time is often from one to three months, while many workshops require as much as a year. Be patient.

Workshop Comparison
How to ride/ bicycle type Material Parts order How to order Available langage Delivery time Reparir and repaint Painting Basical price and how to pay
CHERUBIM Road Track, Randoneur, Gravel road, MTB, Mini-vélo etc. steel Japan and countries where there is no distributor: In person, by email or by video conference system
We have distributors in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Canada.
Japanese, English In house painting and outsourcing ■ Price incl. VAT of the whole road bike frame (Columbus tube): 451,000 JPY (disc brake), 418,000 JPY (rim brake).
PUMA (original KAISEI CHERUBIM tube) Price incl. VAT of the whole frame: JPY 396,000 (disc brake), JPY 363,000 (rim brake)
SERENA Disc (original KAISEI CHERUBIM tube) Price incl. VAT of the whole frame: 396,000 yen (disc brake specification)
The three models above are equipped with tapered carbon forks.
STICKY (KAISEI CHERUBIM Original Tube) Price incl. VAT of the whole frame: 341,000 JPY (rim brake specification)
Equipped with a 1 inch carbon fork.
R2 (KAISEI CHERUBIM Original Tube) Price incl. VAT of the whole frame: 363,000 JPY (rim brake specifications)
Equipped with a 1-inch chromoly bent fork.

Super Touring (original KAISEI CHERUBIM tube) Price incl. VAT of the whole frame / 363,000 JPY (rim brake specifications)
Equipped with 1-inch chromoly bent fork

Gravel track
Gravel Disc (KAISEI KELBIM Original Tube) Price incl. VAT of the whole frame / 418,000 JPY (disc brake specification)
Equipped with a tapered carbon fork

ENDEAVOUR disc (Columbus tube) Price incl. VAT of the whole frame / ¥385,000 (disc brake spec.)
Without fork

■ Small diameter bike
CR Disc (original KAISEI Kerub tube) Price incl. VAT of the whole frame/396,000 yen (disc brake spec.), 363,000 yen (rim brake spec.)
Equipped with 1-1/8-inch chromoly fork

■ Track
Price incl. VAT of the Triple Crown frame set/330,000 yen
Equipped with a 1-inch chromoly bent fork

All prices above are base prices. Prices vary depending on craftsmanship and paint specifications. See below for detailed specifications.

Payment methods
Domestic: Bank transfer, Paypay, various credit cards.
Overseas: Paypal supported.
Dobbat’s route, piste, tandem, VTT, vélo de gravel et sportif
Veuillez contacter aux constracteurs.
acier potence originel Veuillez visiter et consuler les arisants directement concernant mesure ou comment vous utilize votre vélo. japonais et anglais un an disponible repeindre et reparation Sous-traitance de la fabrication de peinture Milkyway ( Osaka ) Route prix TTC
   Succeed   de 242,000 yen avec fourche acier
   Succeed Disque de 242,000 yen sans fourche
   Phoebe     de 266,200 yen avec fourche en acier
   Willow     de 290,400 yen avec fourche en acier
   Scimitar    de 193,600 yen avec fourche en acier
   Scimitar Disque de 233,200 yen sans fourche

Gravel road
   Timber     de 242,000 yen sans fourches

   MountainHigh de 338,800 yen avec fourche en acier
   Equip     de 242,000 yen sans fourche
EQUILIBRIUM ■Stock model
Brutalist (all road)
E1 (road)
E1 disc (disc road)

Full-order models
Road, all-road and other models
Material of frame / Steel, stainless steel, titanium, carbon (hybrid).
Manufacturing process / Brazing (lugs, lugless, fillet), Tig welding.
Stems, carriers, etc. can also be manufactured (steel, titanium). Face-to-face ordering at the workshop is encouraged. If this is not possible, orders can be placed and discussed by e-mail, telephone or video chat.
A deposit of 200,000 yen is required at the time of ordering. Balance due on completion.
Japaese, English Enquiry required (depending on when ordered). Outsourcing for general painting
In-house for graphics by titanium anodised
[Order models] As of December 2021
Road rim brake models: price including tax / from ¥363,000
Steel tubes (Columbus Spirit/Life/HSS etc.), Envy or Columbus forks, Single colour paint included.

Road disc brake models: from ¥396,000 incl. tax
Steel tubes (Columbus Spirit/Life/HSS etc.), Envy or Columbus forks, Single colour paint included.

Road stainless steel rim brake models: from ¥440,000 incl. tax
Steel tubes (Columbus Xcr, KVA Stainless), Envy or Columbus forks, Single colour paint included.

Road stainless steel disc brake models: from ¥473,000 incl. tax
Steel tubes (Columbus Xcr, KVA stainless steel), Envy or Columbus forks, Single colour paint included.

Road titanium rim brake models: from ¥583,000 incl. tax
Steel tubes (Dedachai/Reynolds Double Butted 3AL-2.5V), Forks Envy or Columbus, Paint estimate separately.
Anadized logo included.

■Road titanium disc brake models: price including tax / from JPY 605,000
Steel tubes (Dedachai/Reynolds Double Butted 3AL-2.5V), Envy or Columbus forks, paint quoted separately.
Anadized logo included.

Payment/Cash, bank transfer, credit card.
MAKINO Road, Track, Mini-vélo, Randoneur and others steel mudguards pair (including modification): from ¥16,500 (incl. tax)
Carrier fabrication (one-off): From ¥55,000 each front and rear (incl. tax)
When placing a new order, it is fundamental that you visit our shop in person for measurements and consultation.
For second and subsequent orders, we accept orders and consultations by telephone, fax or e-mail based on the frame you have previously ridden.
We also have distributors.
MAKINO distributors

28-2, Imadegawaagaru omotemachi, Tearamachi dori, Kamigyo ward Kyoto city 602-0825 Japan

Amano Cycle
143-2, Ebisu, Kamisuketou machi, Tokushima city,Japan

Cycle & Auto Sakai
4-7-8 Shimo Emorimachi, Fukui city Japan
Important notice regarding delivery times.
Thanks to the large number of orders we have received, the number of orders remaining far exceeds our annual production capacity.
We are working hard to improve delivery times and shorten them considerably, but there are cases where delivery times are unpredictable due to shortages of the base material used or the paintwork.
We would like to ask you to place your order as soon as possible, especially if you are preparing for an entrance examination for a KEIRIN racer training school or if you have a race you would like to attend with your new bicycle.
We receive many requests such as 'I need it in time for the next exam' or 'I broke my bike in a crash and now I have nothing to ride', but we are unable to respond to these requests as it would delay the delivery dates of other customers even further.
 We are doing our best to produce the product, so we ask for your understanding.
Repairs and repainting of second-hand frames are only available on request and with the permission of the person who ordered directly from us. Repairs and repainting of second-hand frames are only available on request and with the permission of the person who ordered directly from us. Track and road basic specification: from ¥ 193,600 (incl. tax, head parts, single colour paint)
Sportif, Randonner, camping bike, etc., mutguard, carrier compatible frames Basic specification: from ¥215,600 (incl. tax)
Panasonic ■ Custom control / Road, endurance road, cyclo-cross, adventure, track.
Select the frame seat tube length in 10 mm increments between 430, 460 and 610 mm. The geometry is predetermined for each size.

■ Full/track order.
Material / Steel, titanium
Manufacturing process / Brazing (horned steel), Tig welding (titanium)
Front repair forks can be ordered. Ordered through a Panasonic CycleTech contracted outlet shop. Japanese Custom order / in hand within a few weeks of order
Full order / about a month and a half
not availabel interne paint Base price: Titanium road frame FRTC23 from ¥294,800 (incl. VAT), steel road frame FRCC43 from ¥96,800 (incl. VAT)
Payment method: consult a retailers.
Per Gita to consult with the frame builder material/ steel
fabication mode /brazing(lug、filet)
luggage carrier and others Order by visiting the shop. The owner can participate in the production process. Knowing what is being made gives a picture of the finished product. Japanese
a year Repairs, repainting and restoration possible. Please consult us. outsourcing Price including tax / ¥ 200,000 (a frame without plating)
The details of the production can be discussed with a budget offer.
RAIZIN ロードバイク、小径車、MTBほか要相談 素材/スチール
オリジナルキャリア、ステム他応相談 基本は来店による対面注文。代理店である自転車専門店を通じての注文も可能 日本語 平均3ヶ月 可(応相談)、レストア可能 外注 完成時に現金による支払い。または振り込み
RAVANELLO Road, track, randonneur, mini-vélo and others tailored to the rider's wishes. Tandems can also be ordered. Steel, aluminium, carbon.
*Aluminium and carbon are manufactured in Italy.
Carriers can be ordered. Any manufactured in consultation with the builder. Face-to-face sales by visiting a shop, orders can also be placed by email Japanese, English, Italian 3-6 months
repair and repaint are available.
regarding restauration, please consult with the builder
outsoucing price including tax
■Road models
Equipe 022: ¥160,000 (KAISEI 022), ¥180,000 (Prestige)
Equipe Spirit: ¥260,000 yen *Carbon fork.
Equipe Spirit Lug: ¥205,000 *Fork also made of steel.
Equipe SAT: ¥270,000 *Carbon fork.
Competition: ¥160,000 (KAISEI 022), ¥180,000 (Prestige)
Equipe Dedachai SC61.10A: Negotiable *Aluminium frame
Equipe Carbon: Negotiable *Moulded carbon frame
■Track racers
Equipe Pista 022: ¥160,000. 
Equipe Pista 022 oversize: ¥190,000 *Carbon fork

Tandem road
Tandem Pist

Touring: ¥170,000
Sportif: ¥170,000
Mini velo: ¥150,000 yen
City cycle: ¥140,000 yen
TOEI touring type (randoneure) , road bike steel delivery periode: 3-6 months price only frame
■ touring type:155,100 yen including tax
■ road bike: 172,700 yen including tax
Handmade bicycle frames
What constitutes a bicycle
For builders and workshops listed in JHaB/Japan Handmade Bicycles

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